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Why Go Natural?

The use of natural antimicrobial compounds has gained much attention by consumers and industry.

This is due primarily to two major factors. First, misusing and mishandling of antibiotics have resulted in the dramatic rise of a group of microorganisms including pathogens that are not only antibiotic resistant but also more tolerant to cleaning process. In addition, increasing consumers’ awareness to the potential negative impact of chemical compounds of antimicrobial on health versus and the benefits of natural additives has generated interest among researchers in the development and use of natural products in hygiene. Compounds derived from natural sources have the potential to be used for hygiene safety due to their antimicrobial properties against a broad range of pathogens.

Second, the use of natural compounds can prevent sensitive issues for some users. This is due to general antimicrobial which sells on market mostly containing chemical materials. Some users may have sensitive issue to their body and may get skin allergies after using the antimicrobial product that contains chemical. Thus, natural materials of antimicrobial product are preferred to you as natural components will not harm body and it gain benefits to broader community.