Ionic-Global - About Us

We are Ionic Global who provide you Ultimate Protection

Our company established in 2019

We are ionized and electrolyzed technology company which specialized in solutions related to antimicrobial. Ionic Global develops with reliable quality manufacturing process and services that are both evolving in progressive.


Our History

After 10 years R&D journey since 2009, Ionic Global was finally found to be one of the best ionized and electrolyzed technology company, which specialized in solutions related to Antimicrobial, Antibacterial, Anti-pathogen, Anti-viruses, Health supplements infection prevention and etc.

Our Vision

Makes humanity live with dignity before the disease

Our Mission

To create defenses against decease for the living. To accelerate the world's transition to decease defenses


Be Innovative

Introducing new ideas, featuring new methods; advanced and original

Be Organize

Arrange systematically, in order manner

Be Neat

Done with or demonstrating skill or efficiency

Be Improvement

The action of improving or being improved

Be Competency

The ability, capability, qualify to do something successfully or efficiently