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We are ionized and electrolyzed technology company which specialized in solutions related to antimicrobial.

Antimicrobial can disinfect or slowing down the growth of microbial. It also can protects non living objects such as industril processes, surfaces, water or other chemicals from contamination or deterioration caused by microorganisms and bacteria.

IGTech® Antimicrobial Technology

IGTech® Antimicrobial Technology

IGTech® Antimicrobial Technology describes the collective knowledge, expertise and methods of using additives to create ...

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What Does IGTech® Antimicrobial mean?

IGTech® Antimicrobial is used to describe substances which demonstrate the ability to reduce the presence ...

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Are all Antimicrobials the same?

Place it simple, No. Whilst many substances are antimicrobial, the way they function, perform or ...

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SANITIZER SPRAY for your baby

An eco-friendly & holistically effective antimicrobial solution for sanitizing microbes on hands, skin and most surfaces, including tableware, toys, furniture etc.

Kill 99.99% of Gems
Kill 99.99% of Gems
Reduce Odor
Reduce Odor
Reduce itch & redness
Reduce itch & redness

Dr. David Boey

Chief Scientist

• Graduated from Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, University College London (University of London)


• PhD from Department of Chemical Engineering, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine (University of London)


• With great experiences in development and commercialization of electrochemical devices for waste water treatment, stabilized electrolyzed antimicrobial solution, electrolyzed alkaline water devices, cosmetics treatment, healthcare solution and in poultry farming, aquaculture and animal husbandry.

Why Go Natural

The use of natural antimicrobial compounds has gained much attention by
consumers and industry.

and mishandling of antibiotics

First, misusing and mishandling of antibiotics have resulted in the dramatic rise of a group of microorganisms including pathogens that are not only antibiotic resistant but also more tolerant to cleaning process


sensitive issues for some users

Second, the use of natural compounds can prevent sensitive issue from the users.This is due to general antimicrobial which sells on market mostly containing chemical materials

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